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Android app for creating time-lapse videos


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Velocity Lapse is a powerful Android app to create time-lapse videos using a mobile device. The app is a side/passion project I've been working on since mid-2022 to push my skills with app design and development. Currently available as a public early-access beta, ranking #2 on the Google Play store with 50K+ downloads.

Velocity Lapse

Velocity Lapse is a side-project I’ve been working on since mid-2022. The idea behind Velocity Lapse is to create the ultimate time-lapse app for Android.

Though it’s still in early access beta on Google Play, Velocity Lapse has attained an organic growth of 50,000+ downloads and 7,000+ MAU (monthly active users), and more importantly, many happy users. Velocity Lapse was also nominated for Hackernoon’s startup of the year 2023.

I typically work on web design and development projects, so Velocity Lapse is a way for me to lean into mobile app design and development, app marketing, and user support. Creating Velocity Lapse combines my passion for photography with my design and development skills for the unique challenges in creating a mobile app.

I’ve already written a few thousand words about the process in a series of posts if you’d like to get a glimpse of the journey of creating the app from initial idea to launch.

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