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Logo and brand guidelines for a popular C++ library


Logo, Branding

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Despite being incorporated into several commercial products and used extensively in animation and VFX studios all over the world, OpenImageIO didn't have a proper logo. I created a modern logo and brand guidelines in time for the project's transfer to the Academy Software Foundation.


When working on a logo design project, I begin with a research phase to learn about the industry and client. Looking through existing OpenImageIO materials, I found an image of a pixel grid in the OpenImageIO documentation. It gave me the idea to experiment with variations of a simplified pixel grid.

Since OpenImageIO is a library for reading, writing, and processing images, I brainstormed concepts having to do with pixels in an image, image processing, and file I/O.

With feedback from Larry Gritz, OpenImageIO’s maintainer, and others, I refined the concept to a square with a grid of pixels and a gradient, representing the processing of an image. The final consensus was the logo concept with a square icon and a wordmark set in Open Sans bold.

OpenImageIO logo

Once the logo concept was finalized, I created different color variations of the logo for potential use cases, and included guidelines for use in a brand guidelines book. I also created a few promotional graphics.

The OpenImageIO logo was a success, helping OpenImageIO meet the logo requirement for inclusion in the Academy Software Foundation’s projects, and providing a proper representation of the 15-year-old project.

The OpenImageIO logo is a trademark of LF Projects, LLC. Used with permission.

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