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Modern website for a popular screenshot tool


Static Website

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The Flameshot open-source project needed a website to reflect their easy-to-use screenshot tool. I worked closely with the project maintainers to tailor the website to their needs using a clean design, modern web technologies, and best practices.


"[For] Flameshot, we were looking for a solution to have a website that can contain various essential aspects into one platform including documentation, FAQ, and also it portrays our software, Flameshot, as a beautiful and easy-to-use…tool. [Noah] kindly provided our open source project a website based on [the] Zola static website generator, with a beautiful design using modern front-end technologies. At the same time, this reduces the maintenance efforts from our dev team and improves the aesthetics and user-friendliness compared to our previous solution. [He] worked closely with us to tailor the website exactly to our needs. We wholeheartedly recommend [him]."

Mehrad Mahmoudian, on behalf of the dev team

Flameshot landing page

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